Group Volunteer


Cause for Celebration has group volunteer opportunities for both large and small groups.

The available volunteer opportunities are listed below. 

Adopt a Party

Step 1 Sign up to receive an email from Cause for Celebration with a list of available parties to plan.


Step 2 Select your child and collect donations for items needed for their party. We provide a sample list of supplies. 


Step 3 Your team comes the day of the party to decorate the party, meet the family and then depending on the size of the party and your group, some of your volunteers remain for the duration of the celebration. 

Host a Blue Jeans for Birthdays

Step 1 Sign up and pick the date that your office will wear jeans to work in exchange for participants donating $5 to Cause for Celebration.


Step 2 Email  CFC your team name, date and logo to receive your credit on the website:


Step 3 Askeveryone inn your office to register online and join your team or collect all the money the day of and send a check to Cause for Celebration PO Box 78805 Los Angeles, CA 90016.


Step 4 We'll send you pictures from the party your jeans day created.

Step 1 Select a Theme – It’s more fun if everyone participates and the theme choice is up to you.


Step 2 Ask everyone to donate party supplies of that theme. We'll provide a sample list of supplies. 


Step 3 A Cause for Celebration volunteers picks up your donation based on your selected pick up date


Step 4 Receive a photo update from the organization when your theme items are used. 

Have a Party Supplies Drive