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Past Parties


Aajanee, Aubree, and Aiyana

Turned 7 years old in February!


Meet Aajanee! .... and Aubree! .... and Aiyana!! During the time of their birthdays their family was working to transition out of homelessness. We were able to help these awesome girls twinkle and sparkle like ice with a Frozen-themed birthday party! What better theme than one that is about sisterly love? 

Destoni L.

Turned 10 years old in December!


Meet Destoni! Destoni had never had a birthday party, and we wanted to change that. During the time of Destoni's birthday her mother had not been able to find stable employment and her family had been homeless for about a year. In spite of her circumstances, we set out to make her birthday party magical by throwing her a Harry Potter-themed celebration!

Taj W.

Turned 8 years old in Septmeber!


Meet Taj! For his eighth birthday we were able to give him his first birthday party all his own. Because of his family's limited income, and because of the amount of time his mother must dedicate to her studies, Taj was not able to be involved in many extra-curricular activities.  We were able to help change that by throwing him a magical-themed birthday party!

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