Can You Flush Food Down the Toilet in THOUSAND OAKS?


While it may be tempting to flush leftovers down the toilet, you should be aware of several risks. For example, starchy foods like mashed potatoes are bad for the sewer system. Candu Plumbing of Thousand Plumbing has the best use of other containers to dispose of leftovers, like old cans or leakproof plastic bags.

Why you shouldn’t flush food down the toilet

Whether you have a garbage disposal or not, flushing food down the toilet can be a very bad habit. The pipes in your toilet are not designed to handle food waste and may cause clogging and sewage backup. Besides, food does not decompose as quickly as human waste. This means that the food will clog your pipes and can cause major damage.

In addition to this, flushing non-human waste down the toilet is a waste of water. Even if you are only flushing one tablespoon, non-human waste can consume up to three gallons of water, which can increase your water bill. Besides being a waste of water, food is also not soft enough to pass through a toilet. It bloats and expands when combined with water, and it can even damage the main city sewer lines.

Another common mistake people make when flushing the food down the toilet is thinking that it will dissolve in water. However, meats and cooked foods can take several weeks to break down in the water. In addition, food waste in the toilet can attract pests, including rats. It can also hinder the wastewater treatment process and lead to additional expenses.

If you have a slow-breaking food waste

Food scraps that are hard to break down can clog sewer pipes and disrupt wastewater treatment. You can avoid flushing these by placing them in a plastic bag and tossing them at the curbside. You can also put leftovers in plastic bags for later use.

Often, people are tempted to flush food waste down the toilet because they do not have a garbage disposal. However, this practice is not recommended. Not only can it clog up the toilet, but it can also cause a sewage backup. Furthermore, because food waste does not break down at the same rate as human waste, flushing it down the toilet may damage the system.

If you have a clogged drain

Regardless of how diligent you are in preventing clogs, sometimes your drains will become blocked by food and other substances. For example, putting coffee grounds down the drain can lead to a buildup of coffee grounds in your pipes. Grease can also cause a blockage. To avoid this, Thousand Oaks plumbers will wipe the grease with a kitchen roll before flushing it down the toilet.

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Can You Flush Food Down the Toilet in THOUSAND OAKS?
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